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User Interface
Text-based, GUI, Audio, Video, Keyboards, Mouse, Images,...

Text Strings
Conversions, tests, processing, manipulation,...

Integer, Floating point, Matrix, Statistics, Boolean, ...

Algorithms, Memory, Process control, Debugging, ...

Stored Data
Data storage, Integrity, Encryption, Compression, ...

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Subject Map of Librock Software
Q. What is "librock"?
A. Librock is software you can reuse immediately, without having to reinvent, without having to rework. Librock is a large collection of selected software from many different authors, standardized to be "easily and highly reusable" without rework.

Q. How is it different than other third-party libraries?
A. Because it is easier to reuse. Take a quick-look
FeatureThe BenefitHow?
Friction-free acquisition Source code that is Free (Libre) and free (no cost). Distributed and updated via HTTP using automated tools, using LIDESC features to report and ensure license compatibility with local policy.
Collision-free naming Expect no name collisions when you integrate with your project. The worst that could happen is that there is duplicated functionality which simply co-exists alongside your existing implementation. Macros defined at compile time and names visible at link time are prefixed by "librock_".
Rock Stable API Worry-free updates. Existing applications will not break when you update. Once set, the purpose, name, and arguments of a function in a newer version will not change. Functions are fully tested to settle the APIs. In every future version, new functions will have new names, not replace existing functions.
Highly Portable Works with many machines, compilers (including gcc and MSVC), and operating systems (including Windows, Linux, and BSD.) All compiler, OS, and machine-specific features are selected in one place: the header file librock/target/local.h.
Well-documented Description pages go beyond typical man pages. With the Rapid-Knowlege-Transfer subject index, easily locate manual pages even when you don't already know the name. We create, adapt, and improve documentation and publish via HTTP. View cut-and-paste examples, multi-thread behavior, dependencies, licensing, links to source, and test results.

Q. I understand I get the software at no cost. What are the benefits received with a paid Librock subscription?

A. Subscriptions exist for using librock in professional-quality software development.

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Subject Map of Librock Software

Activity specific * Information Tools - WWW
User Interface * Images and Graphics
Text Strings * NUL terminated String Comparison and Search * Text String Conversions - String-Integer-String conversions - String-Non-Integer-String conversions * NUL Terminated String processing
Math * Floating point * Integer * Random
Execution * Algorithms - Searching * Debugging and Tracing * Process Creation and Control - Functions with variable numbers of arguments * Data structures (In memory)
Persistent Data * Compression * Database * Integrity
Communications * Person to Person - E-mail
Hardware Access * Real-Time related
File System Access