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HTTPsync: Synchronize files/directories via HTTP
A free utility from Mib Software

HTTPsync is a compact, standalone utility which automates the transfer of files and directories from an HTTP server. The files to transfer are determined by fetching a "packing list" from the URL specified on the command line. For example:
httpsync @http://www.mibsoftware.com/userkt/inn/dev/inn2.0-beta/pack101.lst

Based on the files, dates, and sizes listed in the packing list, HTTPsync then uses the HTTP GET method for only the files necessary for synchronization (those not already present with matching sizes and dates.)

HTTPsync is free of charge for commercial and non-commercial use, under a BSD-style license which is GPL compatible. See the HTTPsync license for complete details. The software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

An article describing HTTPsync appeared in the July 1999 issue of Doctor Dobb's Journal. Since then it has been enhanced. The current version is 3.00.

More Detailed Topics

HTTPsync Usage

HTTPsync Downloading and Installation
HTTPsync is implemented as a single C source file. It is meant to be compiled with a "one-line" compiler command (on most systems.) It is Unix and Win32 compatible (command line interface.) It has been tested and known to work on Solaris, Linux, NeXT and WinNT, so it will work on other systems as well.

The two files are available individually:
and in two different archive formats:

HTTPsync packing lists available from Mib Software
HTTPsync has been in use since spring of 1998. See it in operation for yourself.

HTTPsync: Comparison to other methods
There are other methods for synchronizing directory and file trees, such as rdist, FTP, CVSup, and anonCVS. Strengths of HTTPsync are illustrated by comparison.

Advanced Applications
HTTPsync Mirroring of CVS and CVSup projects

HTTPsync Conditional and "Access Protected" Packing Lists

Year 2000 readiness
HTTPsync operates with 4 digit years only. It is ready for the year 2000 when used in an environment which is year 2000 ready.

Overview and Related Topics
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