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HTTPsync Mirroring of CVS and CVSup projects

As long as a packing list can be created on the source site, there is nothing special about using HTTPsync for any directories and file trees, including those that are maintained using CVS or CVSup. In fact, the first application of HTTPsync was a CVSup mirror of the INN2.0-beta development tree.)

Not everyone has CVS or CVSup clients, since using CVSup requires Modula-3 or a pre-built binary. Using HTTP servers and HTTPsync can complement other methods. When other tools are maintaining the tree, it is advised that an automatic method of marking files as obsolete is used, like hs-pack.sh (or a variant.) HTTPsync is easy to setup and install, and does not require any configuration files.

You can see how easy providing a tree from HTTPsync is by examining the script used in the initial application of HTTPsync (mirror of the INN2.0 beta tree.) This script was run from cron periodically:

	cvsup supfile
	cd base-dir
	sh hs-pack.sh

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