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HTTPsync Conditional and "Access Protected" Packing Lists

Using URL-encoded FORM values
The "R" line syntax of the packing list specifies the base URL for the subsequent file requests. Without "R", the files requested are based on the packing list URL, which is clearly incorrect if that URL has URL-encoded form values.

By using URL-encoded form values, the content of the list may be adjusted conditionally, or access can be denied completely. For an example script see getpacklist.pl

Access Authentication
With HTTPsync 3.0, the HTTP Basic Authentication is supported. Use the -u and -p to specify a username and password to be used for all HTTP and HTTPS requests.

Early versions of HTTPsync did not support HTTP access authentication. A method of access authentication for the packing list can be implemented ny using URL-encoded form values and a server-side script.


  httpsync '@http://www.mibsoftware.com/cgi/hts_pack.lst?user=user&pass=pass'

This base URL given by 'R' may be an otherwise "unpublished" URL.

In addition, IP address restrictions can be used either for the packing list or the files in the packing list.

Keep in mind that in the HTTP protocol, as implemented by HTTPsync, all URLs and all responses are transferred in "cleartext." (This is not just an HTTPsync limitation.) Use SSL to keep transfers and username and passwords encrypted.

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See HTTPsync: Packing List Syntax for a description of the "R" line
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