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HTTPsync Downloading and Installation

HTTPsync is distributed in source code form, with a license which meets the the open source definition, and is GPL-compatible according to the Free Software Foundation.

HTTPsync version 3.00 is free for commercial and non-commercial use and therefore comes with absolutely no warranty.

Obtaining HTTPsync
1. Get the source for HTTPsync. A .zip and a tar.gz are available which include a README file with theory of operation and compiling instructions.
The two files are available individually:

2. Compile it. This is usually a

	make httpsync
	gcc -o httpsync httpsync.c
or, if you get unresolved symbols errors, then add appropriate libraries. On Solaris:
	gcc -o httpsync httpsync.c -lnsl -lsocket
should work.

On WinSock systems, be sure to define WIN32 and link against WSOCK32.LIB. For example, using MSVC:
        cl httpsync.c /DWIN32 wsock32.lib

3. If you want to use SSL, you must compile with USE_SSLEAY or SSL_OPENSSL defined. You must supply the cryptographic libraries. (On UNIX they are often available with the compiler parameters-lssl -lcrypto.)

4. HTTPsync does not need any special permissions to run. There are no configuration files. It just needs to be in the path.

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