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- Service for clients reading messages

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Basic Troubleshooting Skills - Where and how to look when there are problems

INN daemon - The main handler for articles and incoming connections

Article Arrival - Incoming message processing

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Questions and Answers

Active file corruption: Problems with background renumber

ENOSPC and "Bad article number" problems with HPUX.

The active file updates before article is available.

INN FAQ NNTP-Posting-Host is localhost.do.main even if host has a name

INN FAQ Some local postings don't make it to remote, but others do

INN FAQ What are these "xforte" or "xindex" commands that appear in my logs?

INN FAQ Posting while throttled doesn't work

INN FAQ XHDR says Bad Article Number

INN FAQ syslog: nnrpd[13]: '' bad_auth

INN FAQ syslog: nnrpd[22560]: ? cant gethostbyaddr Permission denied

INN FAQ syslog: nntpd[13]: post ok ^A

INN FAQ syslog: nntpd[13]: cant open ...../subscriptions ...

INN FAQ "cant fopen <newsgroup>/.thread No such file or directory"

INN FAQ syslog: cant read Connection reset by peer

INN FAQ "client" doesn't have the software needed to post.

INN FAQ Make sure that clients can post.

INN FAQ Make sure that "readers" can connect.

Information and References

nnrpd.track(5) file to specify hosts to be tracked by nnrpd.

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