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Article Arrival

- Incoming message processing

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Related Categories

Basic Troubleshooting Skills - Where and how to look when there are problems

Article Storage - Message spool

Performance - Improving response time and throughput

Outgoing Articles - Outgoing message handling

INN daemon - The main handler for articles and incoming connections

Internal files and Data - internally maintained data and processing. Overview, history, active, news.daily, et al.

Control Messages - newgroup, rmgroup, and other control message processing

(There may be additional related categories here)

Questions and Answers

INN FAQ What happens to cancels if they arrive before the article ?

INN FAQ My feed does have different groups in active

INN FAQ Feedentries in newsfeeds are ignored

INN FAQ Is there a automatic way to update newsfeeds?

INN FAQ Server throttled No space left on device writing article file

INN FAQ Out of inodes but still space left on disk

INN FAQ I am not getting all the articles, but my feeder is sending a full feed

INN FAQ Why am I getting alt.sex.pictures even though I have...

INN FAQ When my feeder connects, I get articles but they don't take what's waiting for them.

INN FAQ I'm getting groups sent to me that I don't want.

INN FAQ Feeds suddenly can't connect anymore!

INN FAQ Debugging someone that is feeding you.

INN FAQ Why doesn't this newsfeeds entry do what I want?

INN FAQ How come my host name comes out twice in the Path line?

INN FAQ I don't want all those reject messages from rnews in syslog

INN FAQ Not a directory writing article file -- throttling

INN FAQ innd: site: closed 5:closed seconds 12 accepted 3 rejected 4 refused 5

INN FAQ "File exists writing symlinking article file -- throttling"

INN FAQ Why do all these "readclose" messages show up in my syslog?

INN FAQ inews says "bad message-id"

INN FAQ syslog: cant read Connection reset by peer

INN FAQ syslog: cant symlink

INN FAQ log file fills with "<site> <article-id> 436 No space"

INN FAQ Introduction to the "newsfeeds" file

INN FAQ syslog message: ME bad_newsfeeds no feeding sites

INN FAQ syslog message: ME internal no control and/or junk group

INN FAQ syslog message: ME internal no to group

Information and References

"SERVER cant store article"

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