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INN 2.x Man Pages by Topic: INND

innd(8) (also inndstart) the InterNetNews daemon
ctlinnd(8) control innd
innwatch(8) monitor and automatically control innd
innwatch.ctl(5) control Usenet supervision by innwatch
innstat(8) snapshot of inn system
inncheck(8) check/verify configuration and database files
pgpverify(8) (new) cryptographically verify Usenet control messages
inndf(8) (new in INN 2.2) replacement for 'df | awk' in innwatch.ctl

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inn.conf(5) configuration data
innconfval(1) get an InterNetNews configuration value
installit(1) file/directory installation tool
subst(1) substitute definitions into files
6.8 INN FAQ How do I configure the /usr/lib/news/moderators file?

shlock(1) create lock files for use in shell scripts
clientlib(3) Routines for creating news reading clients
inndcomm(3) ctlinnd features/functions from C library calls
libinn(3) Routines for manipulating articles, headers, active, file, etc.
parsedate(3) convert various date formats to time_t
qio(3) time efficient file I/O routines ("quick I/O")
strcasecmp(3) Case insensitive strcmp()

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6.5 INN FAQ How do I talk to innd from C or Perl?
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