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INN 1.5.1-README Changes to get INN 1.5
Changes since 1.5b2:

	- The memory leaks in the perl hooks are plugged. These hooks look
	  to be a very valuable way of trimming make-money-fast posts and
	  excessive multi-postings.

	- If news.daily is called with the 'delayrm' argument, then the
	  temporary file expire writes to is uniquely named (the pid is
	  added to the end). If something kills expirerm before it's
	  finished unlinking expired article, then the next news.daily wont
	  delete the temp file (so you can use it to remove the
	  articles). If expirem finishes properly, then the temp file is
	  moved to its normal spot (MOST_LOGS/expire.list).

	- If a control message is malformed (such as a broken control
	  header), then the bad control message is no longer mailed to the
	  new admin and is simply logged to $MOST_LOGS/badcontrol.log. Admins
	  who lived through the recent swarm of badly forged rmgroup messages
	  will appreciate this I think.

	- Using PGP for control message verification is now the default. It
	  is turned on in for all heirarchies I know of that are managed by
	  someone signing their control messages. I don't have the pgp keys
	  for all these people though. I only have the keys for (who does the big-8) and for
	  (who manages fr.*).  To turn this off (and I really recommend you
	  don't do that unless you have to) you need to change control.ctl

	- If pgp doesn't exist on your system, and you forget fix
	  and/or control.ctl, then all failed verifications due to missing
	  pgp binary, get logged to MOST_LOGS/failedpgp.log.

	- If pgp ran, but fails to verify a control message (e.g. due to a
	  missing signature), then the control message is logged to

	- nnrpd will kill itself (via an alarm) if it gets hung in sending
	  data to a client. The timeout for this is DEFAULT_TIMEOUT in

	- Bug fixed in makehistory when creating a history file with the
	  '-s' and '-i' flags. Shoulds result in better dbz performance for
	  such history files.

	- rnews exits with a non-zero exit code if the article it's
	  processing has malformed headers.


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