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INN 1.5.1-README Changes to get INN 1.5b2
Rev 1.5b2 is mostly just bug fixes over 1.5b1.

	- a fairly major performance fix (hammering of disk the active file
	  was on).

	- slowed down some unnecessary buffer expansion.

	- bug fix when accepting articles just slightly over max-size limit.

	- The manpages for sections 1 and 8 have been cleaned up to show
	  options more clearly.

	- Various new man pages (some being split up versions of other pages).

	- A new directory authprogs that has a sample authorization program
	  for use with the nnrpd 'authinfo generic'. This is not integrated
	  in any way (not even a makefile) and is more for the curious
	  right now than for serious use. See the readme file in there.

	- A new installation step will fixup the #! line of any perl
	  scripts to match the value you defined in

	- grephistory has a new '-t' flag.

	- more sample code (commented out) in the perl filters.

	- understands more stuff in the log file.

	- added an innshellvars.csh for those who login as news (or anyone
	  crazy enough to program in the c-shell).

There are still some known problems:

	- The perl hooks leak memory.

	- If the target of a funnel feed gets dropped and the funnel feed
	  itself doesn't get dropped, then the next time a article arrives
	  that should get fed to the funnel entry, innd will core dump.

	  e.g. in newsfeeds


	  if you 'ctlinnd drop bar', then things go bad very very quickly.

	- The 'offered' count reported by innxmit is wrong if innxmit stops
	  issuing CHECKs and only issue TAKETHIS commands.


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