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INN 1.5.1-README Changes to get INN 1.5.1
Changes since 1.5:

	- security hole in parsecontrol fixed.
	- the main 'all' build rule now causes the 'subst' processing to
	  only report files that got changed. Files that didn't get changed
	  are not mentioned.
	- innxmit now has an '-l' flag to turn off the logging of the
	  reason the remote rejected an article.
	- nntpget is fixed when it offers an article to the local server,
	  but the server doesn't want it.
	- bug fix in ihave control message generation.
	- bug fix in takethis command handling (when no message id given).
	- bug fix to scanlogs for certain broken sort(1) program (HP) that
	  put a newline on the end of empty input.
	- innwatch is now started by default in
	- The full Path header is now passed to perl scripts, rather than
	  just the first entry.
	- bug fixed in expireover when processing folded headers.
	- Mailing of bad control messages is configurable (in
	- TCL include file path now configurable.
	- The sample config files are more complete.
	- Bug fix in clibrary.h that was causing dbz.c to always use MMAP.
	- Bug fixed in logging of successful posting to moderated group.
	- Bug fix in perl hooks that was corrupting return value from subrs/


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