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INN FAQ Part 9

Subject: (9.14) Reliant Unix 5.43 C0024 on a MIPS RM300-C62 (Siemens Nixdorf)

##FROM: Michael Szczuka <michael.szczuka@mch.sni.de>

LDFLAGS			-L/usr/ucblib
LIBS			-lsocket -lnsl -lucb -lelf
RANLIB			echo
_PATH_SH		/usr/local/bin/bash
_PATH_AWK		/sbin/awk
_PATH_SED		/usr/local/bin/sed
_PATH_SORT		/sbin/sort
_PATH_MAILCMD		/usr/local/bin/mutt
_PATH_GZIP		/usr/local/bin/gzip

##OS: Reliant Unix 5.43 C0024 on a MIPS RM300-C62 (Siemens Nixdorf)
##COMPILER: gcc 2.7.2
- the environment is by no means vanilla Reliant Unix 5.43. I've installed
a good deal of GNU software. This has primarily effect on the paths
but doesn't really affect compilation of INN (at least I don't think
so). The only important change in the paths is for sed; /sbin/sed
(the one that comes with Reliant Unix 5.43) didn't pass the sedtest,
so I took the GNU version (sed-v2.05).
- gettimeofday() uses only _one_ argument, so you have to change the
call in lib/gettime.c (line 33) from
	 if (gettimeofday(&tv, (struct timezone *)NULL) == -1)
	 if (gettimeofday(&tv) == -1)

- subst.c won't compile with gcc unless you explicitely tell him to use
gcc - and you have no license for the cc that comes with the system ...
This is no problem if you use the shell version.

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