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INN FAQ Part 9

Subject: (9.13) HP-UX 10.20 with HP gcc and INN1.5.1

##FROM: Olav Kolbu <olav.kolbu@usit.uio.no>
CC                            cc
CFLAGS                        $(DEFS) -g -Ae
DBZCFLAGS                     $(CFLAGS) -Ae
LINTFLAGS                     -b -h $(DEFS)
LINTFILTER                    | cat
LOCK_STYLE                    LOCKF
HAVE_TM_GMTOFF                DONT
HAVE_VFORK                    DO
_PATH_MAILCMD                 /usr/bin/mailx
INNWATCH_DF                   /bin/bdf

##OS: HP-UX 10.20
##COMPILER: HP's non-bundled (extra $$$) ANSI C compiler

1. The HPUX syslogd knows about LOG_NEWS (even got an entry in
but the actual syslogd doesn't recognice the "news" facility. Using
"56.whatever" instead of "news.whatever" however appears to work fine.

System info:

> uname -a
HP-UX aragorn B.10.20 A 9000/735 unknown
> what /bin/cc
              LINT A.10.32.03 CXREF  A.10.32.03
        HP92453-01 A.10.32.08 HP C Compiler
         /usr/lib/libc: $Revision: 2.17 $
>  what /bin/yacc
         A.10.32.03 HP C LANGUAGE TOOL (YACC) 960517


[Source: INN FAQ Part 9 Archive-name: usenet/software/inn-faq/part9]
[Last Changed: $Date: 1997/09/23 01:25:57 $ $Revision: 2.17 $]
[Copyright: 1997 Heiko Rupp, portions by Tom Limoncelli, Rich Salz, et al.]

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