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INN FAQ Part 9

Subject: (9.1) Comments for this part of the FAQ

This part of the Faq is to provide some example configurations which
worked at least for some sites. I want to collect more then what is below;
this is just meant as a starting point.
If you want to submit an entry put the following in:
- Name and Email
- a diff of config.data against config.dist leaving out changes to
local paths (except where they are relevant for work i.e. path to
egrep) Please send me diffs as you find them below, not
entire config.data files. Please strip the diff to only include
the changed lines (see the entries below to see what I mean).
- the software environment it runs on (OS name and version, vendor
patches to OS applied
- compiler (version?) and compiling environment.
- other changes you made

Please see the entries below first to get the impression before you submit
an entry. Send new entries to me (hwr@pilhuhn.de) and questions about
specific configurations to the submitter of the entry. See also INN FAQ #1.20
and INN FAQ #1.8


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