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INN FAQ Part 9

Subject: (9.5) DEC Alpha with OSF/1 v3.2

##FROM: Chantelle Keller <ckeller@ithaca.edu>

CFLAGS                $(DEFS) -g3 -O2
PROF                  -p
LDFLAGS               -g -O2
LINTFLAGS             -b -u -x -wkD $(DEFS)
LINTFILTER            | sed -n -f ../sedf.sysv
SIZE_T                unsigned long
POINTER               void
ALARMVAL              unsigned int
SLEEPVAL              unsigned int
QSORTVAL              void
LSEEKVAL              off_t
FREEVAL               void
_EXITVAL              void
_PATH_COMPRESS        /usr/bin/compress
_PATH_EGREP           /usr/bin/egrep
_PATH_AWK             /usr/bin/awk
_PATH_SED             /usr/bin/sed
_PATH_MAILCMD         /usr/bin/Mail

##OS: DEC Alpha with OSF/1 v3.2

##COMPILER: standard Digital-supplied cc compiler


I also had to make the following changes:
- In innd/rc.c, lib/remopen.c, backends/rcompress.c, and
include/clibrary.h, had to change all inet_addr references from
"unsigned long" to "unsigned int".
- In innd/rc.c, had to change "extern unsigned long htonl();" to
"extern unsigned int htonl();"
- In lib/makellib.sh, had to change "exec lint ${FLAGS} -u -v -x -o
inn $* >/dev/null" to "exec lint ${FLAGS} -u -v -x -oinn $* >/dev/null"
(i.e. remove space between "-o" and "inn")


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[Copyright: 1997 Heiko Rupp, portions by Tom Limoncelli, Rich Salz, et al.]

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