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INN FAQ Part 6

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Subject: (6.13) I want compressed news, but do not have uucp

There is an extension to the nntp Protocol called XBatch. XBatch
lets you tunnel binary data through a nntp connection. The batches
will be put in a separate directory on the receiving host, where they
can then be fed into rnews.

Before trying xbatch make sure, that you can get news via nntp!!!

Inn 1.5 has xbatch built in, so you can just read the innxbatch(8)
manual page.

You can check that a server accepts xbatch (from a host which is in
your hosts.nntp):

132 % telnet your.news.host.pilhuhn.de nntp
xbatch 3  <-- you type
339			result code
abc       <-- you type
239		    successfully accepted


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