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INN FAQ Part 6

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Subject: (6.4) What's the best way to upgrade to a new version of INN?

First, you should read the README and the Install.ms (yes, read
them both... again). Things change in new versions.

Second, the README explains how to do an upgrade. This document
is redundant, but explains the procedure in more detail.

STEP 1: Copy the values in the old config.data to your new config.data.
You can do this automatically with this trick:

	% cd config
	% make subst
	% cp config.dist config.data
	% ./subst -f {OLDFILE} config.data
where "{OLDFILE}" names your old config.data file.

STEP 2: Edit the config.data to see if you want to change any of
the new settings that didn't exist in the old version's config.data

STEP 3: Compile everything:

	% cd $INN
	% make all
(you can run "make world", which also runs "lint". If you don't
know what "lint" is, just ignore anything it outputs. If it bombs,
run "make all" instead.)

STEP 4: When you feel you are ready to install the new files shut down
the old daemon:

	% ctlinnd shutdown 'upgrade in progress'
	[ kill innwatch by hand if you need to ]

STEP 4: Install the new files:

	% cd $INN
	% make update

STEP 5: Now update all your $INN/site files to be the same as they were
for your old software. "cd $INN/site ; make diff-installed" will tell
you what's different between the files in /usr/lib/news and $INN/site.
If you only make changes in the $INN/site directory and use "make
install" to copy them into place you'll save your self a lot of
trouble. Read $INN/site/Makefile for more interesting things that
"make" can do.

STEP 6: When you feel you are ready to install the new $INN/site files:

	# cd $INN/site
	# make install

STEP 7: Re-start the system:

	% sh /usr/lib/news/etc/rc.news

STEP 8: If everything was done right you should be up and running.
Parts 3 and 4 of the FAQ gives tips on testing your configuration.

If you're upgrading from 1.4, you'll need to change the call to rc.news
in your rc.local, /etc/init.d/INN or equivalent to
	"su news -c /path/to/rc.news"  
since rc.news now gets run as news instead of root.

DON'T FORGET to apply the appropriate security patches (even to 1.5.1!!)!!.


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See the advice at Upgrading INN

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