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INN FAQ Part 3

Subject: (3.12) /usr/local/etc/rc.news: (M-i)^P^L^A.Gd: not found

Q: rc.news reports "/usr/local/etc/rc.news: (M-i)^P^L^A.Gd: not found"

A: Bob Izenberg <bei@io.com> reports:

Here's an unlikely possibility that bit us once. In an almost all-Sun
environment, I requested and got /bin/ksh as my shell. When I logged
in, I got a burst of control characters and a closed connection after a
few seconds. It turned out that ksh followed about fifteen symbolic
links to a file that had been moved/removed.

Therefore, make sure that the first line in rc.news refers to a shell
that really exists. If you run "sh /usr/local/etc/rc.news" make sure
you don't have anything else named "sh" in your path. (And if you
have something named "sh" in your path that isn't a Bourne Shell or
a clone, worry!)


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