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INN FAQ Part 3

Subject: (3.8) syslog message: ME cant GetConfigValue

Jan 12 17:38:06 galaxy innd: ME cant GetConfigValue pathhost Error 0

This means you don't have "pathhost:" in your inn.conf.

GetConfigValue is the routine that gets data out of the inn.conf file.
If you get the above error, it means you don't have a particular value
in your inn.conf. Run "inncheck -v" usually will tell you what you
need to do.

Note that there might be a slightly different message:

Nov  1 15:39:30 serv nnrpd[5973]: cant getconfigvalue Error 0

In that case the host where nnrpd was running had DNS resolving
problems. Getting DNS to work correctly again solved the problem.


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