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INN FAQ Part 2

Subject: (2.18) NOV problems on a Pyramid

This applies only to Pyramid systems that run OSx. Newer systems run DC/OSx
and/or Sinix 5.43 which are "normal" SysV that have normal cronjobs.

Q: I just turned on the overview stuff and I don't think news.daily is
properly expiring the .overview files. I'm using a Pyramid.

A: Do you need quotes in your crontab entry? Look at your news.daily
report -- expire using "expireover delayrm" should take a few minutes.
If it takes longer than, say, 10-20 minutes, then the keywords aren't
being seen by news.daily so perhaps the commandline quoting is wrong.

i.e. you had:

        su news -c /usr/lib/news/bin/news.daily delayrm expireover

You should have:

        su news -c "/usr/lib/news/bin/news.daily delayrm expireover"

Without quoting, the options are thrown away and only the "news.daily"
is executed.


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