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INN: First Time Install

  • Spend some time in the "Getting Started" section of the Usenet RKT

    The INN 2.x series has a completely redesigned (and simplified!) installation and configuration process. See
    RKT for INN 2.x for details.

    Resources helpful to the first time install for the INN 1.x series.

  • You will have to adapt config.dist for your local needs. Introduction to the INN config file
    INN FAQ Help! How do I configure this beast? The INN FAQ part 9 lists changes typical for specific systems, and there are sample configs shipped with INN1.5.1

  • INN FAQ part 2 has notes for specific operating systems.

  • Installing INN Appendix IV: First-time Usenet or NNTP Installation

  • The Usenet RKT INN Setup and Changes is a convenient by-topic organization of setup information.

  • Usenet RKT For Providers...Troubleshooting INN is the place to start debugging.

  • Mib Software provides support for INN users, (including INN configuration, setup, and installation for a fixed one-time fee.) See Getting Support for INN

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