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Internal files and Data

- internally maintained data and processing. Overview, history, active, news.daily, et al.

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Basic Troubleshooting Skills - Where and how to look when there are problems

Article Storage - Message spool

Readers - Service for clients reading messages

INN daemon - The main handler for articles and incoming connections

Article Arrival - Incoming message processing

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Questions and Answers

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Information and References

overview.fmt(5) format of news overview databases

history(5) record of current and recently expired usenet articles

expire.ctl(5) control file for Usenet article expiration

active(5) (also active.times) the list of active news groups, article high and low numbers, other info, and when the group was created.


news-recovery(8) [obsolete. pointers to other man pages]

makehistory(8) create history file from spool

makeactive(8) create active file from spool

grephistory(1) search history database for msg-ID, map Msg-ID to various fields.

convdate(1) convert dates to/from time_t and canonical forms

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