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Using certified license description files

A "certified license description file" is a description file which comes from a trusted supplier. Mib Software provides certified license description files for a number of licenses. Other suppliers can also provide certified license description files.

There must be some way to verify the authenticity of the description file and supplier. (This is usually done using cryptographic signatures and verifying the hashcode of the supplied files. Follow the supplier's instructions.)

CAUTION: license compatibility reports are only as good as the description files created by human interpretation of license texts. You should obtain them from trusted suppliers, and be careful when creating them yourself. If a symbol list for a license is empty or incomplete, it is not possible to accurately report incompatibility.

To use certified license description files, just specify the directory location on the LIDESC command line with the -d parameter. When checking files, the -d parameter can be a "PATH" string which is a list of directories, separated by ';' (See Reporting the licenses which cover files for instruction.)

We can provide assistance. See LIDESC Downloads and Services.

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