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RFC977 3.7. The NEWGROUPS command

RFC977 3.7.1.  NEWGROUPS

   NEWGROUPS date time [GMT] [<distributions>]

   A list of newsgroups created since <date and time> will be listed in
   the same format as the LIST command.

   The date is sent as 6 digits in the format YYMMDD, where YY is the
   last two digits of the year, MM is the two digits of the month (with
   leading zero, if appropriate), and DD is the day of the month (with
   leading zero, if appropriate).  The closest century is assumed as
   part of the year (i.e., 86 specifies 1986, 30 specifies 2030, 99 is
   1999, 00 is 2000).

   Time must also be specified.  It must be as 6 digits HHMMSS with HH
   being hours on the 24-hour clock, MM minutes 00-59, and SS seconds
   00-59.  The time is assumed to be in the server's timezone unless the
   token "GMT" appears, in which case both time and date are evaluated
   at the 0 meridian.

   The optional parameter "distributions" is a list of distribution
   groups, enclosed in angle brackets.  If specified, the distribution
   portion of a new newsgroup (e.g, 'net' in 'net.wombat') will be
   examined for a match with the distribution categories listed, and
   only those new newsgroups which match will be listed.  If more than
   one distribution group is to be listed, they must be separated by
   commas within the angle brackets.

   Please note that an empty list (i.e., the text body returned by this
   command consists only of the terminating period) is a possible valid
   response, and indicates that there are currently no new newsgroups.

RFC977 3.7.2.  Responses

   231 list of new newsgroups follows
[Source:"RFC977"] [Last Changed:February 1986]
[Copyright: 1986 Brian Kantor, Phil Lapsley]

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