Basic NNTP Protocol

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RFC977 3. Command and Response Details

   On the following pages are descriptions of each command recognized by
   the NNTP server and the responses which will be returned by those

   Each command is shown in upper case for clarity, although case is
   ignored in the interpretation of commands by the NNTP server.  Any
   parameters are shown in lower case.  A parameter shown in [square
   brackets] is optional.  For example, [GMT] indicates that the
   triglyph GMT may present or omitted.

   Every command described in this section must be implemented by all
   NNTP servers.

   There is no prohibition against additional commands being added;
   however, it is recommended that any such unspecified command begin
   with the letter "X" to avoid conflict with later revisions of this

   Implementors are reminded that such additional commands may not
   redefine specified status response codes.  Using additional
   unspecified responses for standard commands is also prohibited.
[Source:"RFC977"] [Last Changed:February 1986]
[Copyright: 1986 Brian Kantor, Phil Lapsley]

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More Detailed Topics
RFC977 3.1. The ARTICLE, BODY, HEAD, and STAT commands
RFC977 3.2. The GROUP command
RFC977 3.3. The HELP command
RFC977 3.4. The IHAVE command
RFC977 3.5. The LAST command
RFC977 3.6. The LIST command
RFC977 3.7. The NEWGROUPS command
RFC977 3.8. The NEWNEWS command
RFC977 3.9. The NEXT command
RFC977 3.10. The POST command
RFC977 3.11. The QUIT command
RFC977 3.12. The SLAVE command

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