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INN 1.5.1-README Changes to get INN 1.5a2

The second alpha included:

	- PGP verification of control messages (from tale).
	- actsync program (from chongo)
	- Patches for spooling in nnrpd if innd is unavailable (from dneedham)
	- XBATCH (compressed rnews-ready batches) support (via Matthias U.)
	- The '-x' option from innd is removed and adding
	  Xref headers the standard behaviour. (from dneedham)
	- The message format used by libcomm now includes a protocol 
	  version and a byte-count header (so ctlinnd from previous 
	  version won't work with this version).
	- A new 'p' flag for the newsfeeds entries: the time the article
	  was posted (from Matthias U.)
	- A LIST SUBSCRIPTIONS command for nnrpd (from dneedham).
	- gzip compress recognition to rnews (from Matthias U.)
	- A method of limiting those peers (in hosts.nntp) that can use
	  streaming (based on Christophe W.'s idea).

	Heaps of other more minor patches from various people (see the
	CHANGES) file.

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