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INN 1.5.1-README Changes to get INN 1.5a3
This is the third and last alpha of inn 1.5.

Things actually present but not properly noted in this README
back then:

	+ innd will catch the SIGUSR1 signal and recreate the control
	  channel (for when something deletes the named socket) (dneedham).

	+ 'cmsg' in Subject lines is ignored. The Control header is all tha

	+ inews now asks the server it's talking to for the moderator
	  address info, so copying a moderators file around the network is
	  no longer necessary (dneedham).

This release includes the following new features.

	- Perl support based on work done by Christophe Wolfhugel. It's had
	  some testing done, but no extensive experience with things like
	  memory footprint etc. See README.perl_hook for more details.
	- Poison newsgroup flag ``@'' in newsfeeds by John Stapleton. See	  the newsfeeds(5) man page.
	- John Stapleton's support for misbehaving readers: (a) short timeout
	  on first read (to catch readers who connect and then go away
	  immediately) and (b) restrict the number of times a remote system
	  can connect per N seconds. (See the `-X' `-H' and `-T' flags in	  the innd.8 man page.)
	- Support for '-e' in expire (expire on earliest crosspost) by John
	- Perl and tcl versions of innshellvars.
	- If LOG_SIZE is set to DO in, then the size of each
	  article will be put in the log entry.
	- If LIKE_PULLERS is set to DONT, then a small sleep is done on 
	  ARTICLE commands, and on HEAD and BODY after the first 100
	  commands done. This won't hinder normal readers, but will slow
	  down ``sucking'' feeds.	- Updates to nntpsend an shrinkfile from chongo.
	- Default pathnames in are a little more consistent. 
	- Some bug fixes.	

From here on out, all new features will have to wait for 1.6. This version
will turn into a publically advertised beta test fairly soon. Please hammer
on it and send in all bug reports to <>.


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