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INN 1.5.1-README Bug reports etc.
	I'm gathering information on who uses INN. If you haven't do so for
	a previous version of INN, then please do the following:

		uname -a | Mail -s "1.5.1 usage survey"

	I will appreciate it. You won't get a reply.

	I'm interested in all bug reports. Not just on the programs, but on
	the documentation too. Please send *all* such reports to:

	even if you post to usenet, please CC the above address. All other
	INN mail should go to:
	For general "how do I do this" questions you should post to as there a lot of experienced INN users there,
	and I don't have the time necessary to help except when something
	is obviously broken.

	Have fun and while no postcard is necessary (I move too frequently
	these days).

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