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INN 1.5.1-README Who to thank:
	Rich Salz deserves a big thank-you for writing INN in the first
	place and then being kind enough to bless me and the ISC as the
	keepers of the flame. Paul Vixie at the ISC provided the financing
	necessary to keep me in espresso coffee through too many sleepless
	nights (and the boot up the backside to make the nights
        sleepless). Dave Barr did a fine job holding the fort while INN was in
	limbo, and getting INN into its current form without the unoff
	releases to work with would have been a much longer job.

	Many, many other people have help in various ways. As I said above,
	most of the code has been written by other people and my job has
	been to stitch it all together. The CONTRIBUTORS file lists who

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