climit extensions to the nnrp.access file

(This describes the syntax change to nnrp.access for the nnrpd feature addon: climit: nnrp.access simultaneous connection limits)

After the patch is installed, access limits are specified in nnrp.access inserting a comment anywhere before the nnrp.access entry:
	#mib#climit %IP% <n>
	#mib#climit tracking-file-name <n>
<n> specifies the maximum number of simultanous connections permitted. Use -1 for unlimited.

The first form is a kind of short-hand notation to use the host name to create a tracking file for each IP address.

IMPORTANT: The #mib#climit line sets the access class for all nnrp.access entries which follow, until the next #mib#climit line.

The tracking-files are kept in a subdirectory called climit, where nnrp.access is kept.

Example usage.

#Permit 10 simultaneous connects from companies, because that is all 
#they paid for.
#mib#climit 10

# Different company, so they get their own access class....

# Only permit 2 simultaneous connections from dialup IPs and 
# the rest of the file.
#mib#climit %IP% 2

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