INN Patches by Topic: Expire

expire.hash.14u4.patch and expire.hash.151.patch (At Joe Greco's INN Patch Shop)
" raises some rather low hash table sizes."

"(For INN 1.5.1) raises some mildly low hash table sizes."

expire.poison.diff (At
"This patch changes two things in expire. The first is that it increases the size of the newsgroup hash table. The second is that it adds a 'X' flag for entries in expire.ctl that allows you to force expiration of an article if it is crossposted to the group listed. This helps a lot in keeping alt.binaries under control. expire.poison.fix.diff is a small patch to fix a bug in it. It fixes some history file corruption that will occur otherwise. "

fastrm (At Scripts by
Patch to INN fastrm.c for symbolic links.

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News Utilities by Topic: Expire
Defect lists for INN versions 1.5.1 and later
For an overview comparison of 1.5.1, 1.5.1sec2, 1.5.2pre1, 1.6b3, and 1.5.1corr, see inn1.5.1corr/1.7

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