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What data files does INN maintain?

Referring to the INN Data Flow Diagram in The various parts of INN is useful for the following descriptions.


Active File
This is the list of newsgroups and the high and low article numbers in the spool, and whether or not the group is moderated. Documented by the INN man page active(5)

The news spool is where all the articles are stored. Each newsgroup has its own directory and an article is stored in a file name that matches the numerical article number in the group.
Usenet RKT How does INN store articles?

History database
This is a list of article message IDs, the arrival and expiration time, the article posting data, and where the article was stored in the spool. Lines are appended to the history file for each accepted incoming article. Documented by the INN man page history(5)

History index
This is a DBZ database which permits locating the particular line in the history database by message ID.

Most of the INN programs generate log messages. Documented by the INN man page newslog(8)

innd does not write the complete article out to feeds. To maintain index/overview/spool consistency there must be only one program receiving articles. But there is no such restriction on sending, therefore inn does not do this task. Instead INN writes meta-information either to a "batch" file to be transmitted later, or directly to a program which transmits.. See the INN man page newsfeeds(5)

News overview files maintain the most requested "meta" information about articles in a newsgroup from the article headers. The overview database can be consulted to process many NNTP overview and XHDR commands, without having to open each article. Documented by the INN man page: overview.fmt(5)

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