Anybody could be reading when you post

It is most important to remember that anything you post could be read by any portion of a very large number of people (a billion is about the right order of magnitude) around the entire world. It will most likely be seen by a couple of thousand people. It will be archived and indexed and made available for searching in the future.

With an audience so large you should consider:
Not everyone speaks your language natively.
Writing in short sentences will be a great aid to them, and help to reduce misunderstandings.

It is easy to post something that annoys or offends someone or everyone.
Consider that people from many divergent viewpoints will be reading what you wrote. No one knows you, and they aren't going to guess that you were just kidding.
See also Don't be annoying when you post

The police, (your grandmother, aunt, father, little sister, etc) can read too.

You are what you write.
Watch your spelling, and your language, they are part of the message you send.

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