What makes articles large?

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As Usenet and the Internet have developed, the use of graphics has increased. In the beginning and for many years, articles were typed text only. There are few articles of strictly typed text which exceed 200 lines.

Now it is common to "attach" or include graphics, sounds, programs, and other binary data within a Usenet message. Even when data compression is used, the data required for a graphic gives new meaning to "a picture is worth a thousand words." In fact, graphics can increase article size by 34K bytes.

Other large articles
Some news groups have articles which are not binary, but nevertheless, are quite large. These are often periodically posted FAQs.

Your news reader should show you approximately how many lines are in an article. You can decide not to read large articles. Because not all news readers show the line count, the subject should contain some indication that the article contains graphics, or is a FAQ.

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