How to access Usenet

Summary: Usenet client overview; Usenet reader overview; Usenet server overview]
In order to read Usenet articles, you need two things:

news reader software (also known as a "client")
This software which provides a convenient user interface to list, track and
display articles. It also allows composing and submitting new articles.

There are many free versions of news reader software, and a news reader is
built into many Internet Browsers. More details on client software

Access to a news server
A news server is a computer system which provides shared storage for
Usenet articles. In most cases, news servers are accessed using the Internet,
but it can be done over a LAN, if a news server exists on the LAN.

Most internet service subscribtions include access to a news server which you
can use. In order to keep demand down, most news servers are not open
to the general public: they are reserved for exclusive use by customers.

All you need to know is the newsserver machine name, which you use to
configure the client software.

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