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The RKT development tools from Mib Software allow easy construction of topic-based WWW sites according to the RKT design principles.

A more efficient organization and presentation of documents will save your customers time and frustration over the lifetime of your site. The conversion is truly affordable and will pay dividends in fewer tech support calls, more awareness of additional features, and ease of use of your products and services.

Every WWW site is unique, and every organization has different authoring policies. The RKT tools are flexible enough to accomodate a wide variety of documents, and nearly any existing HTML editing tools. Application-specific modifications to the tools can be developed to meet your unique requirements.

Mib Software has developed an expertise at organizing existing documentation into the RKT reference format. We have converted hundreds of pages to the RKT format, often at more than 20 pages per hour! Let Mib Software jumpstart the conversion process and get your staff up to speed. Once you become familiar with the methods and tools, your staff will be able to take over maintenance and additions completely.

Contact us by e-mail or telephone Forrest J. Cavalier III at 570-992-8824. There is no charge for first calls. At Mib Software, we give all the attention that each project needs to recommend solutions to your unique requirements.

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