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Highly Reusable Software

By activity
Professions, Sciences, Humanities, Business, ...

User Interface
Text-based, GUI, Audio, Video, Keyboards, Mouse, Images,...

Text Strings
Conversions, tests, processing, manipulation,...

Integer, Floating point, Matrix, Statistics, Boolean, ...

Algorithms, Memory, Process control, Debugging, ...

Stored Data
Data storage, Integrity, Encryption, Compression, ...

Networks, protocols, Interprocess, Remote, Client Server, ...

Hard World
Timing, Calendar and Clock, Audio, Video, Printer, Controls...

File System
Management, Filtering, File & Directory access, Viewers, ...


Q. Can I remove the copyright and warranty disclaimer notices from copies?

A. It is very important requirement to communicate copyright and warranty disclaimers with all copies and derivative works. If you fail to communicate or alter the notices in order to mislead others, you could be held liable for the consequences of that fraud. It is fine to add your copyright notice, and even add restrictions and conditions on redistribution.

Q. Can I distribute the software unchanged and still call it 'librock'.
A. Yes, as long as the software is the complete and exact copy as obtained from us. It cannot be a repackaging or translation. It has to be bit for bit identical.

Q. Can I distribute modifed software and still call it 'librock'.
A. No. librock is a trademark applied to products from us. Your modified version is not our product. Calling it librock misrepresents it. Name it differently.

Q. Can I continue to use and redistribute the software even after my subscription expires?

A. Certainly! You are paying for the subscriber software, not the software. So once you have a copy of the software from us, you don't have to pay to use or redistribute it.