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Selecting a software license

Many rights, including copying and creating derivative works, are reserved to the copyright holder by law. The law provides that the copyright holder can offer terms which give conditional permission for the copying, modification, and redistribution of works. For software this is most often called "the license agreement." Generally, if you do not agree to the license, the law prohibits you from distributing copies or derivative works, and other activities.

In choosing license terms, the copyright holder must often balance multiple goals, some of which may be conflicting. The license can define and determine the success or failure meeting those goals. Since there are many common goals in software development community, there are a number of licenses and clauses which are reusable, in a sense.

The multi-purpose LIDESC form can aid software developers in selecting a license or finding certain license clauses.

Follow these steps:
  1. Load the multi-purpose form
  2. Select the checkboxes for attributes which advance the goals
  3. Submit.

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