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Highly Reusable Software

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User Interface
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Hard World
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Q. What is "librock"?

A. Librock is a collection of software developed to be "highly reusable" (meaning that it is source code, highly portable, Free, well-documented, and indexed to easily locate what you need.)

Q. How do I obtain the software and license? What does it cost?

A. The permissions come with the legally obtained copy of the software. One way to obtain the software is from the website download area. Paying subscribers receive important benefits described below, but there is no purchase or license fee to obtain the software.

Q. Can I create and distribute copies of the software and derived works?

A. Yes, that is the purpose! Read the license. In summary, the software is provided under a license giving you the freedom to distribute additional and derived copies provided that More about these conditions.

This is a "Free Software" license, but it is not a "copyleft" license. When you distribute copies, you may change license terms and restrictions, keep derivative works to yourself, or choose to charge a fee, for example. You do not have to pay us for these freedoms.

Q. Can I get the same software and license elsewhere?

A. Be careful. Subscribers are assured of licensing and file integrity using digitally signed license certificates.

Software from a different source may have been modified (in which case they should not be calling it librock, which is a trademark only we can apply.) There could be additional license terms and restrictions not under our control.

Q. Why subscribe?

Subscribers receive the following additional benefits, many of which are important to any producer of high-quality software.
In addition to the standard subscriber services. Additional services are available under separate contract. These additional services include