Usenet RKT: One Year Perspective

Read the original announcement introducing the RKT from 31 Mar 1997

Since that announcement, the RKT has grown to include searchable text, and over 650 pages of INN FAQ, docs, NNTP RFCs, and more! INN developers are supported with an inn-workers mailing list archive (over 2500 messages in 6 months!)

Some Usenet RKT Access statistics

More is Coming!!!

The "RKT Couplings" concept will be extended and improved to handle all the externally authored sections of the RKT, not just the INN FAQ. Watch for it to come to the INN man pages, and the rest of the RFC/NNTP Protocol pages. (The RKT Couplings concept has been tested for months on some of the NNTP Protocol pages, but not like this!)

....and more!!!! (Still in development!)

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