Subject: ANNOUNCE: Usenet RKT (HTML docs)
Date: Mon, 31 Mar 97 16:41:56 -0500
From: (Forrest J. Cavalier III)


The INN documentation, INN FAQ, install guide, original descriptions, and 
external links have been converted to HTML and organized for Rapid Knowledge 

(Many thanks to the authors and FAQ maintainers for permission to incorporate 
it all!)

Instead of having to read many long documents in search of specific 
information, links can be accessed by topic. At present everything is
split into over 425 unique URLs, with over 1500 cross reference links.  

There are many other compilations of URLs and FAQs on the topic of Usenet, and 
I don't pretend that this one is complete.  Additional enhancements are in 
process, and are planned to be "continuous" in proportion to the popularity
of the site.

The next planned enhancement is a text search interface.

The Usenet RKT is intended to be used by Usenet Users, Providers, and 
Developers for learning, setup, troubleshooting, reference and changes.

Main entry point:

For Providers: Getting Started

For Providers: Troubleshooting

For Providers: INN Setup and Changes

For Providers: INN man pages (and other documentation)

Forrest Cavalier
Mib Software

The information in the Usenet RKT is provided without warranty of any kind. 
Usenet is the term used to describe a very large and changing system of
systems and procedures. We disclaim any responsibility should any information 
you obtain from us proves misleading. You take full responsibility for your 

Please help us keep the Usenet RKT current and increasingly
useful by making suggestions for improvements.

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