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  • The very diverse experience of Mib Software can provide a great deal to any organization. This is not a complete listing of experience; that would be too large to be a good presentation. Contact us to discuss your application and the specific benefits you would gain by contracting with Mib Software.

  • B.S. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University 1988
    Solid education, background, and experience for software engineering and development. An engineer's approach to software development means solid high-level design partitioning, flexible architecture, and high reuse of pre-developed software (delivering lower cost and lower risk.)

  • A good software developer is not tied to any particular language or tool. Learning a new software language is easy. It is work habits, cooperation, and productivity which are most important indicators of success. Software can be developed in any language or tool which fits the project. I prefer to be able to take advantage of the structured design features of object-oriented languages like C++ to promote reuse.

  • It is only possible to present a brief summary of years of experience here. Your project may benefit from concentrated experience in the following areas, but you must contact us to let us discuss your specific needs.

  • Integrity. I am fully committed to the IEEE Code of Ethics.
    (I''ve been an IEEE member since graduating from Carnegie Mellon University in 1988.)

  • Cooperation
    Fit right into your existing project team. Mib Software has worked with organizations with software development processes at various levels of "maturity." (See "seamless integration" at Programming Services for a summary.)

  • Any stage of the complete software life-cycle
    from conception to maintenance and replacement. (See Full Service Software Development.)

  • Lasting enhancements to the efficiency and value of your team.
    See Process and Technology Support for an overview.
  • Client support without travel expenses using the internet, telephone, e-mail, and modem.
    Entire projects have been completed for customers 1500 miles away (or more!) without needing a single face-to-face visit.

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