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29 Sep 1997 Subject: [Usenet RKT] (Fwd) ANNOUNCE: INN 1.5.2-pre1.tar.gz
Summary: Forward of Dave Barr's 29 September announcement. Mib Software added an inventory of known defects still present in 1.5.2pre1 (through source inspection.)

10 Oct 1997 Subject: [Usenet RKT] (Fwd) Security flaw in PGPverify of INN
Summary: Forward of announcement to BUGTRAQ on PGPverify "replay" glitch. A more detailed characterization (by inspecting the source code) and recommendations added by Mib Software.

10 Oct 1997 Subject: [Usenet RKT] Recent newgroup denial of service attacks
Summary: Forward of "long newgroup" security message (defect discovered by Joe Greco on 10 Oct), plus detailed characterization, a patch, and recommendations. (added by Mib Software)

16 Oct 1997 Subject: [Usenet RKT] The INN 1.7 release
Summary: On 16 Oct the ISC re-released 1.5.1corr from Mib Software as INN 1.7. This message was a summary. Also included an inventory of the few differences between 1.7 and 1.5.1corr (added by Mib Software.)

20 Oct 1997 Subject: [Usenet RKT] FIX: Backlog related defect in 1.5.1/1.7
Summary: Mib Software finds and fixes a major instability bug in innd. This work was spread over several months, including over 40 hours of looking at core dumps and code on RKT subscriber systems. This work was supported by subscriptions. (As we are always on the lookout for defects, subscribers should report all strange behavior by email.)

31 Oct 1997 Subject: [Usenet RKT] (Fwd) INN-1.7 innd doesn't response HEAD correctly
Summary: Forward of Yoshiro YONEYA <> report of a non-critical defect in 1.7 to Mib Software added a discussion of severity, a slightly better patch, and recommendations for subscribers.

3 Nov 1997 Subject: [Usenet RKT] expireover core dumps
Summary: The defect was discovered and reported by Mike Brudenell <> to Characterization, recommendations and further details provided by Mib Software, patch included.
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