How to subscribe to the Usenet RKT

Monthly subscriptions are billed to a credit card at US$15 per month. There is a one time US$20 setup fee which includes the first month's subscription. Mib Software accepts pre-paid subscriptions three month's at a time for US$45 by check or money order.

Each subscription includes
Revenue from subscriptions provides the quality service and support only possible with ongoing funding. That value is not available for free.

When compared to the time wasted and frustration of not being aware of critical defects and fixes, a Usenet RKT subscription easily saves many more times its cost.

Isn't your time worth saving? Subscribe today!

Form for monthly subscriptions (paid by credit card)

Payment for quarterly (pre-paid) subscriptions should be remitted to

Mib Software
RR4 Box 4110
Saylorsburg, PA 18353.
Pre-paid subscriptions are being accepted for three months, not longer.

Remember to include a valid e-mail address!

Special: A note to our Non-U.S. subscribers

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