A note to our Non-U.S. subscribers

This is Forrest J. Cavalier III, owner of Mib Software.

The popularity of the Usenet RKT "on-line" with non-U.S. subscribers is well established. Nearly half of the WWW traffic comes from non U.S. domains. Certainly Usenet RKT e-mail is easily sent across international boundaries. But currency exchange is a barrier to "micro-transactions" at the level of U.S. $45.00. Mib Software wants to make it easy for non-U.S. subscribers to benefit too. "How can you become a subscriber?", you may want to know.

Please consider one of the following methods of payment:
Thank you for your patience and cooperation in this matter. I want the full benefits of the Usenet RKT to reach everywhere the Internet is, not just the United States. Please help us to help you.

Forrest J. Cavalier III, Mib Software

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