NNTP, the Network News Transfer Protocol, has been labelled the most widely implemented elective protocol in the Internet. The growth of the Internet has meant more sites exchanging NNTP data. While the explosive growth in Usenet traffic places demands on all sites, the goal of fast network access puts particular demands on NNTP hosts.

InterNetNews is an implementation of the Usenet transport layer designed to address this situation. It replaces the standard UNIX server architecture with a single long -running server that handles all incoming connections. It has proven to be quite successful, providing quick and efficient news transfer.
InterNetNews...[Salz92]: Introduction
InterNetNews...[Salz92]: Usenet Software
InterNetNews...[Salz92]: InterNetNews architecture
InterNetNews...[Salz92]: Innd structure
InterNetNews...[Salz92]: Future work
InterNetNews...[Salz92]: Conclusions and Comparisons
InterNetNews...[Salz92]: Availability
InterNetNews...[Salz92]: References
InterNetNews...[Salz92]: Author Information

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