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    LISTGROUP [ggg]

    The LISTGROUP command is used to get a listing of all the
    article numbers in a particular news group.

    The optional parameter ggg is the name of the news group
    to be selected (e.g. "").  A list of valid
    news groups may be obtained from the LIST command. If no
    group is specified, the current group is used as the default

    The successful selection response will be a list of the
    article numbers in the group followed by a period on a line
    by itself.

    When a valid group is selected by means of this command,
    the internally maintained "current article pointer" is set
    to the first article in the group.  If an invalid group is
    specified, the previously selected group and article remain
    selected.  If an empty news group is selected, the "current
    article pointer" is in an indeterminate state and should
    not be used.

    Note that the name of the news group is not case-dependent.
    It must otherwise match a news group obtained from the LIST
    command or an error will result.

2.2.1  Responses

        211 list of article numbers follow
        412 Not currently in newsgroup
        502 no permission

[Source:"draft-ietf-nntp-imp-02.txt"] [Last Changed:March 1998]
[Copyright: 1998 S. Barber]

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