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    LIST NEWSGROUPS [wildmat]

    The newsgroups file is maintained by some news transport
    systems to contain the name of each news group which is
    active on the server and a short description about the
    purpose of each news group. Each line in the file contains
    two fields, the news group name and a short explanation of
    the purpose of that news group. When executed, the information
    is displayed following the 215 response. When display is
    completed, the server will send a period on a line by
    itself. If the information is not available, the server
    will return the 503 response.  If the optional matching
    parameter is specified, the list is limited to only the groups
    that match the pattern (no matching is done on the group
    descriptions).  Specifying a single group is usually very
    efficient for the server, and multiple groups may be specified
    by using wildmat patterns (similar to file globbing),
    not regular expressions. If nothing is matched an empty list
    is returned, not an error.

    When the optional parameter is specified, this command is
    equivalent to the XGTITLE command, though the response code
    are different. Responses

        215 information follows
        503 program error, function not performed

[Source:"draft-ietf-nntp-imp-02.txt"] [Last Changed:March 1998]
[Copyright: 1998 S. Barber]

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