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RFC977 4.8. A Brief Word about the USENET News System

   In the UNIX world, which traditionally has been linked by 1200 baud
   dial-up telephone lines, the USENET News system has evolved to handle
   central storage, indexing, retrieval, and distribution of news.  With
   the exception of its underlying transport mechanism (UUCP), USENET
   News is an efficient means of providing news and bulletin service to
   subscribers on UNIX and other hosts worldwide.  The USENET News
   system is discussed in detail in RFC 850.  It runs on most versions
   of UNIX and on many other operating systems, and is customarily
   distributed without charge.

   USENET uses a spooling area on the UNIX host to store news articles,
   one per file. Each article consists of a series of heading text,
   which contain the sender's identification and organizational
   affiliation, timestamps, electronic mail reply paths, subject,
   newsgroup (subject category), and the like.  A complete news article
   is reproduced in its entirety below.  Please consult RFC 850 for more

      Relay-Version: version B 2.10.3 4.3bsd-beta 6/6/85; site sdcsvax.UUCP
      Posting-Version: version B 2.10.1 6/24/83 SMI; site unitek.uucp
      Path:sdcsvax!sdcrdcf!hplabs!qantel!ihnp4!alberta!ubc-vision!unitek      !honman
      From: honman@unitek.uucp (Man Wong)
      Newsgroups: net.unix-wizards
      Subject: foreground -> background ?
      Message-ID: <167@unitek.uucp>
      Date: 25 Sep 85 23:51:52 GMT
      Date-Received: 29 Sep 85 09:54:48 GMT
      Reply-To: honman@unitek.UUCP (Hon-Man Wong)
      Distribution: net.all
      Organization: Unitek Technologies Corporation
      Lines: 12

      I have a process (C program) which generates a child and waits for
      it to return.  What I would like to do is to be able to run the
      child process interactively for a while before kicking itself into
      the background so I can return to the parent process (while the
      child process is RUNNING in the background).  Can it be done?  And
      if it can, how?

      Please reply by E-mail.  Thanks in advance.

      Hon-Man Wong
[Source:"RFC977"] [Last Changed:February 1986]
[Copyright: 1986 Brian Kantor, Phil Lapsley]

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RFC850 is obsoleted by RFC1036

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