Basic NNTP Protocol

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RFC977 4.4. Example 4 - posting a news article

   S:      (listens at TCP port 119)

   C:      (requests connection on TCP port 119)
   S:      200 BANZAIVAX news server ready, posting allowed.

   C:      POST
   S:      340 Continue posting; Period on a line by itself to end
   C:      (transmits news article in RFC850 format)
   C:      .
   S:      240 Article posted successfully.

   C:      QUIT
   S:      205 BANZAIVAX closing connection.  Goodbye.
[Source:"RFC977"] [Last Changed:February 1986]
[Copyright: 1986 Brian Kantor, Phil Lapsley]

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RFC850 is obsoleted by RFC1036

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